As the semester gets busier, we wanted to take this moment to remind you that the Writing Center is a great resource to help you stay on top of your work. Here are some tips to help you have the most productive tutorial possible at the WC. Your consultant and professor will thank you!

  1. What? The Writing Center at Roanoke College is an academic resource accessible to all RC students. Students are welcome to bring papers of any length and on any subject to work with a consultant; they are also welcome to ask for assistance on oral presentations.  The goal of the Writing Center is to improve your overall writing ability, not just fix individual papers.  The consulting process is a collaborative effort between you and the consultant to make your writing the best it can possibly be.
  2. Where? The Writing Center is located downstairs in the basement of Fintel Library, in Room 15. You can also find the representatives of the Writing Center around campus at various events including guest author visits, workshops in Miller Hall, and at live writing contests in the Colket Center.
  3. Who? Students from across all disciplines, classes, and facets of campus life are consultants at the Writing Center. During their first semester working at the WC, all consultants must take a course on tutoring that prepares them to best serve Roanoke College’s students.  There is an urban legend that this course gives consultants an inherent knowledge on how to use all the different styles of citation – that is not the case; but through this course we do learn the best resources to help you cite. To learn more about the Writing Center consultants, check out weekly Consultant Spotlights on our Facebook page.
  4. When? We are open Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 9 PM. Tutorials for papers up to eight pages last for half an hour while papers over eight pages can be scheduled for up to an hour. Students can visit the Writing Center multiple times for the same paper, but no more than for five appointments totaling more than 2.5 hours a week. The further in advance you visit the WC before a paper deadline, the more time you will have to improve your writing; with more time, you and your consultant can focus on the more important sections of your paper such as your thesis and organization which take more time to revise.
  5. How? Although walk-ins are welcome, we recommend that you make your appointments in advance through Scheduling your appointment in advance guarantees that there will be a consultant ready to see you, and it also gives you more freedom in choosing your consultant. Using the online scheduling also allows you to tell your consultant in advance what you would like to work on, and prepares the consultant for a more efficient tutorial.
  6. Why? Students come to the Writing Center for all different reasons – some professors require students to attend, others self-initiate their tutorials, some with project groups, etc. The most important reason for students to use the Writing Center is because of the opportunity is has to improve your overall writing ability.  Attending tutorials throughout the semester allows you to become aware of your writing habits and work with a trusted peer to become a better writer so that you can produce better papers.


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