Welcome to the launch of the Writing Center at Roanoke College’s blog. The Writing Center has been serving the Roanoke College campus for ten years, and we thought it was time to take our expertise, advice, and opinions online.  We would like to welcome students, writers, readers, thinkers, whoever you may be – to our new community.

The Writing Center at RC blog will feature helpful guides on grammar and genres, professional development and writing opportunities, talks with tutors and writing center theory, and some inspiration to get us through the rest of this semester.

Post 1 PictureYour fearless captains in this writing voyage are Erin Keating and Emily Densmore, the Co-Editors of the Writing Center at RC blog.  Erin and Emily, seen to the right in an out of season but weather appropriate picture are finishing up their senior years at Roanoke College.  Erin studies literature, creative writing, and gender studies, and Emily studies creative writing, and Yiddish studies. The two bonded over their mutual love of hot beverages (particularly tea), a trip to Oxford, and living in the same apartment.  Together, they present a unified front determined to bring only the best in writing tutelage and motivating humor to the Writing Center Blog.

The immensely talented staff of the Writing Center at Roanoke College will also join the Co-Editors in providing support to readers through guest-posts.  Keep an eye out for articles written by our fellow tutors.

As the semester gears up again after spring break, we want to wish everyone well.  Please look to the Writing Center, this blog, and the other sources that Roanoke offers to help us help you get to graduation.  Here is looking forward to a great rest of the semester!